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Tips to Involve Kids with Household Chores

Tips to Involve Kids with Household Chores

No sooner have you tidied or cleaned but there seems to be a dedicated team set on undoing all your good work. It’s a never ending cycle that  isn’t fun for anyone!

We need to help our kids understand that household chores are not just about satisfying mum and dad, but about partaking in an essential activity for all families. It’s best if we start early on so they have time to grow accustomed and learn how to do these things independently.

Your child needs to know that chores are not a punishment but rather something that every member of the house does and benefits from.


Let children clean up after themselves

Even the youngest child can be taught to tidy up their toys after themselves. Not only will it teach the child how to take care of their own belongings, but also how to be respectful of others. Remind them to play with one thing then put it back, before taking out their next toy.

Give children age-appropriate chores

Children get frustrated with chores because they often seem pointless or too hard for them to complete alone with no help from an adult or older child. It’s important that parents give children age-appropriate chores.

Sit down with your children and make a list of all the chores that need to be done in the house. Work out between you what each child is capable of an expected to do.

Progress not Perfection

Your child completing a chore might not complete it as well as you. So you have a couple of options:
1. Complain that it’s not completed well enough and get them to do it again.
2. Get frustrated and just do it yourself.
3. Relax – let go of perfection and just embrace progress! Although it may not be quite to your standard, the kids are trying their best and still learning these skills. Each time they complete the task, their skills will progress and the task will be completed a little better.

Provide children with incentives for completing chores

Parents want to raise their children to be productive and responsible adults. Chores are a great way for kids to learn this. A good way to incentives the kids to help is by showing them how the chores benefit them. For example, if everyone helps clean the house, we can invite a friend for a play date, we can have a family movie night, we can have a family day out, etc. Remember money isn’t the only incentive.

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