Rainy Days at Home

Rainy Days at Home

For most parents the prospect of a rainy day stuck inside with the kids, fills them with dread. How will I keep them entertained? They’ll be bouncing off the walls! We’re all in for a long boring day!

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case with this handy list of activities.

Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt around the house. Write up some clues and hide them round the house to lead to the treasure. You could get clever with the clues and write them as rhymes or anagrams. There are some great sites online that give you some ideas for places to hide your clues and how to write them.

You don’t need a huge prize at the end as half the fun is deciphering the clues. Your prize could be a family movie night, baking some biscuits, a pack of chocolate buttons, etc.

Cooking & Baking

Get the cookbooks out and find a recipe that the kids can help you with. I know for most of us when we’re trying to “quickly” make the dinner or we’re “quickly” trying to get the banana bread in the oven (before the bananas liquefy!), the last thing we need is a “helpful” little person creating more mess. Rainy days are different. Relax and just accept that mess is part of the course. The kids need to be kept busy and they’ll love helping to make something everyone else can enjoy. You’re also teaching them some valuable life skills. When they’re all grown up and invite you round for dinner, you’re future self will thank you for taking the time to teach them how to cook!!

Make a Fort

Tents, wendy houses, tree houses, dens – kids love confined spaces that resemble small houses!! No matter how tight you are on space, there’s always something to hand that the kids can use to make a fort. Forts come in all shapes and sizes – a sheet placed over the dinner table or placed over some spaced out dining chairs, the seat pads from the sofa placed up against each other in a triangle, etc. Whatever they use to make their fort as long as it’s filled with the obligatory cushions and snacks the kids will be happy!!

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